S 2 side by side shotgun rifle

Barrel length: 57,5 cm (22.6")
Overall length: 101,5 cm (40.0")
Weight approx.: 3,2 kg

Caliber right barrel Caliber left barrel
20/76 .222 Rem.
  5,6x50 R Mag.
  5,6x52 R
  .243 Win.
  6x62 R Frères
  6x70 R
  6,5x57 R
  6,5x65 R RWS
  .270 Win.
  7 x 57 R
  7 x 65 R
  .308 Win.
  .30 R Blaser
  8x57 IRS
  9,3x74 R


For safety reasons the calibers .30 R Blaser and 8x57 IRS can not be combined. The 8x57 IRS cartridge can be loaded in the .30 R Blaser barrel by mistake.

Please note, that we can not guarantee the permanent availability of all listed calibers.